El 17 de Agosto de 2016 a las 07:36:22 (hora local), ocurrió un sismo 40 Km al Norte de Lima (Fuente: IGP). 

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El  01  de  Abril  de  2015  a  las  11:45:18  (hora  local),  ocurrió  un  sismo  a  77  km  al  Oeste  de  Barranca,  Lima (Fuente: IGP).  Las características sísmicas del  evento se resumen en la Tabla 1 y la ubicación del epicentro se muestra en la Figura 1.

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Estudio de Microzonificación Sísmica y Vulnerabilidad en la Ciudad de Lima

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The present study aims to examine thoroughly the relation between the local site effects and the local subsurface conditions in Lima city, due to the fact that there is little information related to the seismic amplification in this city. Using ground motion records, the amplification effects are studied empirically, in the frequency range from 0.1 to 20 Hz. This study analyzes the seismic events observed along the Pacific coast of Lima city, which were recorded by 10 stations.

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